Paul Ryan Claims GOP Will Never Nominate Trump Again

Former Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said during an interview with Fox Business Network on Tuesday that President Donald Trump will not be nominated by the party for president in 2024 because Trump would only lose the election.

Ryan, who interestingly has sat on Fox’s board of directors since March 2019, attempted to brush off contention between the former president and himself as not contributing to his statements that seem to go against all available data on what voters want for the 2024 election.

When asked if Trump is “electable in 2024,” Ryan, who is a member of the Fox News board of directors, told host Stuart Varney that the GOP will not nominate Trump in any event.

Ryan first laughed off the question, saying: “Bear in mind, everybody knows our feelings towards each other.” He then went on to say that the party is going to “want to win so badly” and beat “Biden and the Democrats in 2024, that we won’t nominate Trump because we want to win.”

Ryan went on to explain more of the establishment Republican approach to future elections. He said that the “new swing voter in American politics is the suburban voter.” He added that he believes it is “really clear” that this group of voters don’t like President Trump but do like Republicans.

“So I think anybody not named Trump, I think is so much more likely to win the White House for us,” the losing 2012 vice-presidential candidate said.

Ryan said that he believes the risk is too great to “give the nomination” to Trump because he thinks the party “lost this much, this fast” in the span of two years. The failed candidate did not acknowledge the reality that Trump won the White House for the GOP and was instrumental in the party’s control of Congress in 2016.

In dismissing the idea he would support Trump if nominated, Ryan said: “I don’t want to repeat that, I want to win.”

Although he has had little to do with this year’s Republican electoral efforts, Ryan said he thinks the party will gain somewhere between 20 and 30 seats in the House next month. He said he is unsure what will happen with the Senate elections.

When asked if he had any preference among the possible 2024 Republican nominees other than Trump, Ryan only said they were all impressive to him. He mentioned former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by name.