PBS Attempts To Demonize Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortion advocates have done everything in their power to make pro-life advocates and facilities appear evil. On Saturday, PBS decided to run a story that would make their viewers want to throw shade at pregnancy crisis centers.

The first giveaway that the story was going to be a smear campaign was when PBS News Weekend anchor John Yang started the segment off by using the term “pregnant people” instead of pregnant women.

“Crisis pregnancy centers provide counseling and other prenatal services from an anti-abortion perspective. Their supporters say they help ensure that pregnant people know the risks of abortion. Advocates of abortion rights say the information they provide can be misleading or have no scientific basis,” he said.

The hypocrisy of his statement is that woke culture tends to believe that men can become pregnant and at the same time says that crisis pregnancy centers’ information has no scientific basis. This raises the question of how they can believe that men can become pregnant based on supposed scientific truth, all while believing that abortion is not the murder of a baby.

PBS Reporter Ali Rogin did no better. Rogin made it sound like crisis pregnancy centers are shady places to be, claiming that they are unregulated and reporting that they were given $344 million in government grants in the fiscal year of 2022. If that’s the case, they should investigate Planned Parenthood, which receives federal funding as well.

For the logical PBS viewer, $344 million going to funding organizations that ensure that mother and baby are getting the proper treatment and resources is a good use of taxpayer dollars.

The segment got even worse when Carter Sherman, a reproductive health and justice reporter for The Guardian, gave her “expertise” on pregnancy crisis centers.

“So the point of a crisis pregnancy center, which is often known as a anti-abortion center, or even just a pregnancy center, is to convince people to continue their pregnancies,” she explained. “And they offer services like pregnancy tests, they sometimes do medical services like ultrasounds, they will also give out goods like car seats or strollers.”

With the way Sherman makes it sound, those are all bad things. Any organization that provides these types of services cares more about women than organizations like Planned Parenthood.

The icing on the cake was when Sherman sounded discouraged that some of the women who walk into these centers leave with their babies still in their wombs instead of getting rid of their burden.

She said “something that has come up again and again, from people who go into these centers, is that they walk in not necessarily knowing that they are not in an abortion clinic.

You know, these centers, according to abortion rights supporters will oftentimes set up shop very close to an abortion clinic, they will have names that include words like birth, or choice, are the sorts of things that we tend to hear from abortion rights supporters. And in reality, again, these are centers that are trying to convince you to continue a pregnancy.”

One thing Sherman did not mention was that many women who enter pregnancy crisis centers are often met with kind and compassionate individuals who care about mothers and their babies, unlike the many unfriendly pro-choicers usually seen defending abortion.

The sad reality of this story is that PBS has a lot of popular programming for children, yet they express no concern for children in the womb.