Pelosi Arrest Documents Reveal Allegations of Drug Other than Alcohol Involved in DUI Wreck

As Paul Pelosi’s DUI case in Napa County, California, progresses, new information has been revealed that provides more details about his condition at the time his 2021 Porsche collided with another car, leading to his arrest.

The police report prepared by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the criminal complaint filed in the case have been released.

The CHP report indicates that both vehicles involved suffered “major collision damage” from the wreck that occurred around 10:17 p.m. on May 28. The first responders on the scene were paramedics from CalFire, followed shortly thereafter by a Napa County Sheriff’s Department deputy.

By the time CHP officers arrived, Paul Pelosi was found still sitting in the driver’s seat of his car. The driver of the other vehicle was standing outside, and both drivers declined to be transported for further medical treatment.

When CHP asked Pelosi for his driver’s license, he handed it over along with an “11-99 Foundation” card. The 11-99 Foundation is a charity arm of CHP that supports officers and sponsors scholarships for children of CHP personnel.

Other than the obvious implications, it appears from the report that Pelosi did not make additional comments about why he offered the card.

The CHP report indicates that Pelosi was showing “signs of impairment” on the scene. He allegedly showed objective signs of alcohol intoxication, including red or watery eyes, being unsteady on his feet, using slurred speech, and having a “strong odor of an alcohol beverage emanating from his breath.”

The officers made a determination at the scene that Pelosi caused the collision and he was arrested. He was given a test to determine his blood alcohol about two hours after his arrest, with the test showing a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.082%.

The other driver has since advised Napa County prosecutors that he began having upper arm and neck pain the day after the wreck. He reported that he was suffering from headaches since the crash and has impaired use of his right arm.

The charges filed in the case indicate that prosecutors alleged that the injuries caused to the other driver were caused by Pelosi at a time when he was under the influence of alcohol and “a drug and under their combined influence.” No indication has been made publicly yet about the nature of the alleged drug.

He is also charged with driving with a BAC over the California legal limit of .08%.

Pelosi’s arraignment was held on Wednesday. He did not appear, as his attorney Amanda Bevins was authorized to appear on his behalf for the purpose of entering his plea of “not guilty” to the charges.

If found guilty of the charges filed, Pelosi could face up to five years of probation and a minimum jail sentence of five days. He could also be given fines and ordered to attend court ordered driving courses.

Nancy Pelosi has said she does not plan to make any public comments about her husband’s criminal case.