Pelosi Comes Out Swinging Against “Defund The Police” Movement

Around the country and in real-time, Americans live with the ramifications of Democrat leaders opting to defund the police. Every city to slash significant funding has seen considerable surges in crime.

In addition to Democrats choosing to defund law enforcement, they’ve also reduced bail while even allowing some offenders a “get out of jail free” card. Each of these measures only serves to compound the negative impacts of stripping away capital from police departments.

However, as crime rates soar, Democrats are suffering politically. While sure Democrats, like Reps. Ilhan Omar and Cori Bush are standing by the movement to defund law enforcement. Other Democrats are drawing a line in the sand.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falls into the latter category, as Breitbart News covers.

During an ABC News interview on Sunday, the House Speaker was questioned about the divide in her party between Democrats who want police funded and other Democrats who want the police defunded.

Pelosi didn’t hesitate to try and distance the Democrat Party from the movement to defund law enforcement. According to the speaker, “defund the police” is not the direction the Democrat Party is embracing or heading towards.

Furthermore, Pelosi stated that “community safety” is vital to Democrats’ oath to become elected officials. After saying Democrats are concerned about individuals being mistreated, Pelosi said the movement to defund law enforcement is “dead.”

The House Speaker’s remarks about law enforcement and community safety arrive as she campaigns to serve yet another term in Congress.

In 2020, when Pelosi was asked during a press conference about left-wing rioters ripping down statues, her response was this, “people will do what they do.”

The House Speaker took a lot of criticism for such a cavalier response to crime. Suddenly, Pelosi says the Democrats are the party of “community safety.” It just doesn’t add up.

In actuality, Pelosi and other Democrats are terrified of the impacts that sky-high crime rates will have on their party in the midterms. Therefore, the House Speaker believes it’s prudent to create the appearance of Democrats having absolutely nothing to do with defunding law enforcement.

The “pro-community safety” talking points being espoused by Pelosi now should have been shared when Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitators were setting cities ablaze. It’s now a little too late for Democrats to come on the scene and pretend to be these great heralds of law and order.