Pelosi Testing Positive for COVID Could Have Real Implications

When the COVID vaccines first came out, health officials told the nation that these shots were the answer to getting rid of the virus. Yet, with the shots being available for over one year, COVID is still around.

In addition to the regular COVID shots, a first round of boosters is out, with a second round as well. Many people have questioned the necessity of boosters, given the fact that people were told COVID vaccines were “safe and effective.”

Yet, since the arrival of these shots, it’s come out that the “safe and effective” vaccines don’t stop people who receive them from catching COVID. The vaccines also don’t prevent anyone who has COVID from passing the virus to others around them.

Everyone’s been reminded of this, amid news that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has tested positive for COVID, despite being vaccinated and having her boosters. Still, Pelosi’s positive COVID test has the capacity to impact many more people than just herself, as pointed out by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Possible Ramifications of Pelosi Being COVID-Positive

The House Speaker’s positive COVID test arrived on Thursday; yet, just the day before, she was in close proximity with many other Democratic leaders who are up in age.

On Wednesday, Pelosi gathered with the president and House and Senate Democratic leaders to celebrate a Postal Service reform bill. Each of these officials are in their 70s or 80s and thus at high risk of serious illness or death from the virus, just like Pelosi herself.

What really caught everyone’s attention is the day before testing positive for COVID, Pelosi was seen hugging and kissing 79-year-old Joe Biden. Ultimately, the House Speaker could have passed along COVID to who knows how many elderly Democrats in leadership positions.

The Ugly Truth About COVID Vaccines

Despite how much health officials have promoted and marketed COVID vaccines, the truth before everyone’s eyes. The truth is that regardless of whether or not someone gets a COVID vaccine, nothing is guaranteed.

Pelosi is not the only person who’s tested positive for COVID, despite having her vaccines and booster shots.

Just last month, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tested positive for COVID for a second time. This happened even though Psaki was vaccinated and boosted against the virus.

With the second round of booster shots out, it’s only a matter of time before round three is in the works. Americans can count on Pelosi, Biden, Psaki, and other Democrats to call for everyone to get their third boosters once they come out.