Pelosi Unleashes ‘Cringe-Worthy Worship’ Of Biden

Since Biden’s time in office, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it very well-known that she’s a massive fan of his. Weeks ago, Pelosi released a letter riddled with compliments, along with a request for Biden to deliver a State of the Union Address.

Then, during a Christmas event in December, Pelosi claimed that Biden was “just perfect.”

The House Speaker has remained silent about the President’s policies’ impact on rising gas prices. However, Pelosi lambasted him when gas prices under Trump (lower than they are now under Biden) reached $3.00.

As it turns out, Pelosi isn’t done with worshiping at Biden’s altar. Twitchy shines a light on the latest cringe-worthy episode of the House Speaker singing the President’s praises.

During an exclusive interview with ABC News, Pelosi made it known that she believes Biden is nothing short of fantastic. The House Speaker revealed this by rhetorically asking who has more knowledge, empathy, authenticity, and strategic thinking skills than Biden.

During her conversation with ABC News, Pelosi made it very clear that she believes the current President has the best interests of working families and America at heart.

Listeners widely rejected the House Speaker’s remarks. Many Twitter users stated Pelosi’s claims were delusional. Some questioned if she was putting on an act or believed what she said.

Countless social media users made it known in one way or the other that they don’t think of Biden as someone authentic, knowledgeable, empathic, or strategic.

Biden didn’t show authenticity when he made a series of promises on the 2020 campaign trail (unifying America, ending COVID, etc.) that he knew he couldn’t keep.

The President didn’t demonstrate any semblance of knowledge when he recklessly pulled troops out of Afghanistan, let 13 US service members die, and allowed the Taliban to return to power.

Likewise, Biden hasn’t shown an iota of empathy to Americans who don’t want COVID vaccines. Across the board, there’s been no type of “strategy” coming from the President or his Administration, just one disaster after the next.

At this point, it’s almost like Pelosi and other Democrats like her live in a fantasy land of sorts. This tone-deaf praise of Biden is right on par with the President declaring that he’s “outperforming” amid more than five in ten voters disapproving of him.

The sooner Pelosi and Biden are out of office, the better off America.