Pelosi’s Prediction About Manchin Fails To Pan Out

On Sunday, moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin sent his party into freefall after refusing to vote for the Build Back Better Act. While speaking with Fox News Sunday, the West Virginia senator said that Build Back Better will not get his vote in light of the economy, unrest, COVID, and a series of other issues.

Manchin furthermore noted that he met with Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, his fellow Democrats in Congress, and even some Republicans. Ultimately, though, Manchin stated he’s not able to join the other members of his party who support the Build Back Better Act.

In light of this, Pelosi’s comments about Manchin over the weekend have certainly not aged well, as Twitchy confirms.

This past weekend, the House Speaker declared that Biden is “in charge,” and Manchin will comprehend there’s an agreement to be made. It’s also worth noting these comments from Pelosi came days after she declared that Biden was “perfect” during a speech before the Democratic National Committee.

As we all know, Biden is not, in fact, “in charge.” In a Senate with 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, Democrats need all of their party members to vote in favor of the legislation for it to pass. Furthermore, Democrats’ agendas are so radical that they can count out getting any support from Senate Republicans.

Pelosi’s remarks about Biden being in charge and Manchin understanding that there’s an agreement to be made did not age well. Less than 24 hours later, Manchin went on Fox News Sunday and announced that he would not support Build Back Better.

Thus far, the House Speaker has not provided any public statements to amend her comments about Biden and Manchin. Nevertheless, it appears that Manchin is in charge of the pair.

Amid Manchin’s refusal to approve and vote for the Build Back Better Act, the White House slammed him in a public statement. According to the Biden Administration, Manchin reneged on a supposed promise to vote for Build Back Better.

However, the White House and Manchin appear to be on very different pages regarding this alleged promise. During the senator’s time on Fox News, he stated that he tried every way possible to get on board with Biden’s bill but ultimately couldn’t do it.

Manchin, at no time, stated that he expressly promised the White House he’d support the Build Back Better Act.