Pennsylvania Governor Pulls Funding For Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Network

Although pro-abortion leftists have long fought for the right of women to end their children’s lives while in the womb, the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has only emboldened such politicians and activists to thumb their noses at any effort to prevent the death of unborn babies.

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro made his stance clear with his recent announcement that the state would cut ties with a non-profit organization that has received funding from the General Assembly for nearly three decades. Real Alternatives bills itself as a group that offers pregnant women alternatives to abortion through counseling and various services including shelter, parenting classes and adoption assistance.

Anything other than directing pregnant women to the nearest abortion clinic is apparently unacceptable for Shapiro, however. He celebrated the withdrawal of funding that dates back to 1995, when another Democratic governor, Robert Casey, created an initiative that provided state cash to Real Alternatives in response to a move that similarly funded Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

During the most recent fiscal year, the pro-life organization received about $7.26 million in funding, which was used to support dozens of centers across the state. Since its inception, Real Alternatives has provided assistance to an estimated 350,000 women — and, in turn, to their children.

Shapiro described that track record as something for which the state should be ashamed.

“For decades, taxpayer dollars have gone to fund Real Alternatives,” he complained. “My administration will not continue that pattern. We will ensure women in this Commonwealth receive the reproductive health care they deserve. Pennsylvanians made clear by electing me as governor that they support a woman’s freedom to choose, and I will be steadfast in defending that right.”

Of course, by limiting access to alternatives other than abortion, he tacitly acknowledged that it is not “choice” that he values, but a higher abortion rate in his state. Evidence shows that about 60% of the women who seek services from Real Alternatives ultimately decide not to undergo an abortion.

Republican lawmakers have decried the governor’s decision, including state Rep. Kate Klunk, who asserted: “These organizations — whether supported by Real Alternatives or not — provide incredible services that stand, in fact, as real alternatives to abortion. Providing those alternatives is not extreme: shutting them off is.”