Pennsylvania High School Students Protest Boys Using Girls Bathrooms

Hundreds of Pennsylvania high school students have had enough of radical gender ideology, and they showed their frustration with a massive walkout.

On Friday, scores of Perkiomen Valley School District students left the building to protest the allowing of biological males to use girls restrooms if they identify as female.

This followed the school board rejecting a policy to require students to use bathrooms aligned with their biological gender. An estimated 400 students congregated outside to let their voices be heard on the contentious issue.

John Ott was the student leader who organized the successful walkout. Speaking on Fox News Monday, he said, “Kids were upset. Girls…we want to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom.”

Ott’s mother Stephanie told the outlet that system leaders were not considering the “whole picture” and instead showed favoritism to those identifying as transgender. “The safety of females is so important and these students that stood out that walked out, they are to be commended.”

Ott added that the protest “is about protecting our children and our privacy and boys and girls. It’s simple biology.”

Tim Jagger is the father of a female student at Perkiomen Valley. Policy 720 was proposed after he posted on social media about the traumatic experience his daughter suffered in an encounter with a transgender student in a high school bathroom.

He told WPVI-TV in Philadelphia that she was “too upset and emotionally disturbed” to enter the bathrooms at the school after the incident. He added that neither he nor his daughter were completely sure the student his daughter encountered was a biological male.

Fox News heard from another student, Victoria Rudolph, who said that she is also uncomfortable with having biological males in women’s restrooms. “There needs to be some changes. It’s just uncomfortable seeing 19-year-old men or 18-year-old men in the bathroom.”

Student Brandon Emery criticized the system for not listening to student voices. He said it appeared that he and his sister along with the rest of the students are “not a priority.”

Emery’s mother appeared on “Fox & Friends First” and said that kids are dealing with situations that should be handled by adults.

Melanie Marren said that the district is “making these policies without taking into consideration how they affect the students and how uncomfortable it is just to be a teenager in general.”