Pentagon Says 10 Civilians Were Killed In Kabul Drone Strike

According to the Biden administration and the Pentagon, a drone attack launched in late August in reaction to an event in Kabul that cost the lives of thirteen US service members killed ISIS-K operatives. However, it proved not to be the case. According to a report published a week earlier in the New York Times, the walkout resulted in the death of a US aid worker and his family. Several days later, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby claimed that he was still unable to identify the strike victims.

This afternoon, there were indications that the Pentagon would reveal what had occurred, with Gen. McKenzie, the commander of the United States Central Command, stating that no ISIS-K militants had been killed in an August 29 US drone attack in Kabul. The Pentagon has made no statement in response to the claims. Toyota Car was involved in the deaths of ten persons. Seven of them were children. Officials have said that no disciplinary action would be taken. The US military stands behind the information that justified the strike. Additionally, a drone attack in Kabul on a suspected truck bomb was shown to have been a fatal error. According to a defense official, the CENTCOM investigation determined that the August 29 attack killed an innocent humanitarian worker and nine members of his family, seven of whom were children.

The Pentagon would hold a news conference on Tuesday to validate those allegations and give further details. For instance, Central Command Commander Gen. Keith McKenzie said that a US drone assault on a car in Kabul struck the incorrect vehicle during an evacuation. McKenzie refers to the episode as “tragic” since it resulted in the death of ten individuals, seven of whom were children. He further offered a sincere apology for making a mistake. However, on the other hand, President Biden has gone for a weekend vacation to Delaware, while Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, was not scheduled to brief the press today.