Phillips Challenges DNC After Not Being Put On Ballots

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) announced his intent to file challenges against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) after he was not put on primary ballots in some states. Phillips also announced he would challenge specific state parties after failing to land on ballots in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Phillips’ objection comes after the Florida Democratic Party only approved President Joe Biden as a candidate for president last week. As a result of this move, they canceled the state’s primary on Mar. 19.

Other Democratic primary challengers, such as author Marianne Williamson and news host Cenk Uygur, have also clashed with the Florida Democratic Party after they were left off of the primary ballot, as well.

According to Semafor, who first reported about Phillips’ discontent with state parties, the representative is stating that he followed all rules and met all deadlines, and therefore should’ve been included on these ballots.

In a statement to Semafor, Phillips said, “Unilaterally taking away the right of rank and file Democrats, including a disproportionate number of Black voters demanding a more affordable America, is reprehensible.”

He continued, “If Joe Biden is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump and lead us to a safer, more affordable future, let him compete for that privilege without his supporters suppressing and disenfranchising millions of voters.”

Phillips’ statement also compared Tallahassee to Tehran, stating that what the Democrats in Florida are doing is not aligned with democratic values.

Meanwhile, state Democratic parties have alleged that Phillips and other Democratic candidates did not follow all guidelines, which is why they are not on the primary ballots. However, some candidates have already disputed this allegation.

To appear on the Tennessee ballot, Phillips submitted 3,000 signatures, but, according to officials, Phillips’ signatures are still under review — though Biden is currently the only one who will appear on the ballot.

The Florida Democratic Party has already responded to Phillips’ statement, saying that they were “dismayed” to see his “conspiratorial and inappropriate comments.”

“This is unbecoming of someone running for higher office,” the party’s chairwoman Nikki Fried said.