Pizza Hut Suggesting Drag Queen Literature to Children

The trend of large companies embracing far-left, woke political agendas and promoting them among the masses is continuing to cause problems. There was a time when big businesses generally steered clear of politics; yet, that’s definitely not the case today.

More and more companies are taking it upon themselves to insert themselves into controversial debates about hot button issues. In doing this, these establishments are only alienating customers who will collectively have a range of different politics.

Somehow, though, certain companies appear to think taking sides in these types of debates will benefit them, despite the facts not bearing this out.

Now, Pizza Hut is the latest large company to land in hot water for political involvement that has nothing to do with selling pizzas.

A Deep Dive Into Pizza Hut’s Plan For Your Kids
In an email sent out on Thursday, Pizza Hut called for children between pre-kindergarten to 6th grade to read a book called Big Wig.

The synopsis of Big Wig is about a young kid who later goes on to become a drag queen. Yet, somehow, Pizza Hut didn’t see anything wrong with this.

In fact, the pizza company said reading this book would be a great way to commemorate Pride month and recognize the uniqueness of human beings.

Later, the email stated that by young kids reading about drag queens, they’d get an upfront look at what makes everyone special and different.

It’s also worth noting here that Pizza Hut is a sponsor of Book It. Various reading materials which Book It has promoted to kids are not appropriate content, either.

Outrage From the General Public
Pizza Hut’s call for children to read about a kid who later becomes a drag queen has not gone over well. Many parents and other concerned citizens pointed out how this isn’t proper reading material for kids.

Then, others questioned whether or not the true intention of this recommendation was to groom children into becoming drag queens or embracing other similar lifestyles.

All in all, many Americans stated they will no longer give Pizza Hut their business, due to this company email. It still remains unclear why the establishment chose to involve itself in this issue, rather than just selling pizzas and steering clear of politics altogether.