Planned Parenthood Encourages Pro-Abortion Holiday Confrontations

As much of the world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ over the weekend, Planned Parenthood called on its ardent supporters to spend the holiday season arguing for more births to be prevented via abortion.

In an initial tweet that came on the second night of Hanukkah, the nation’s leading abortion provider instructed like-minded Americans to bombard their friends and families with rhetoric supporting the right to end human life in the womb.

Planned Parenthood continued the social media thread with a series of recommendations for how pro-abortion individuals should go about injecting divisive talking points into otherwise joyous holiday festivities.

“Reinforce the shared belief that everybody’s lives and circumstances are unique and they are the best ones to make their own medical decisions – not politicians,” the organization advised. “Ground the convo by focusing on who should have power over our bodies.”

From there, the organization urges its acolytes to “point out hypocrisy” in conversations with their friends and relatives, i.e., “Why do lawmakers force people to carry pregnancies while opposing policies that help families thrive?”

Following a series of cherry-picked statistics meant to bolster its case that Americans are generally supportive of unrestricted access to abortion, Planned Parenthood obliquely referenced the Supreme Court decision earlier this year that rescinded decades-old federal protections.

“After this year, abortion is on a lot of people’s minds,” a final tweet read. “It’s a good thing — it’s health care and it’s normal. And the more we talk about it, the more we fight stigma and move toward protecting access.”

While some of Planned Parenthood’s most ardent supporters celebrated the call to action, many of the top comments in response to the Twitter thread expressed outrage over the directive.

“It is not a conversation anyone should have; it’s murder,” wrote one such critic.

Of course, this was just the latest instance of Planned Parenthood attempting to make its extreme positions appear mainstream through linguistic trickery. Earlier this year, the organization sprang into action to defend Stacey Abrams, who was Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate at the time, after she claimed that evidence of a fetal heartbeat is a “manufactured sound.”

In a relevant passage on its official website, Planned Parenthood changed its definition of fetal heartbeat to align with Abrams’ remark.

Pediatrician Kathleen Berchelmann subsequently appeared on Fox News to denounce the move, asserting: “Years ago, they redefined a pregnancy from conception to implantation in the uterus, and now they’re redefining heartbeat versus cardiac activity.”