Playing Taboo With AOC On A Podcast

Here’s what let’s do. Someone, not Ben Shapiro, you cat-caller you invite AOC onto her podcast to play Taboo with a list of policy topics. Her willingness to challenge Democratic Party orthodoxies furnishes an opportunity for common ground to work with conservatives to get reform done. Assume there are probably others in her caucus who she essentially represents in this way so that if there is an easy to articulate, sensible reform that she and House Republicans might agree on, then they might too.

Then play a game of Taboo where you hold the Taboo buzzer, and start talking about the topics, all conversational like a podcast. If she starts slipping into canned leftist bromides and talking points that are primarily lyrical content to stir the followers, especially anything insulting her colleagues and their supporters across the aisle, you hit the buzzer.

Of course, she wouldn’t go on the show if you were picking on her, so she also gets to hold a buzzer and propose what she will buzz you for in exchange to agree to and arrange the podcast. When either of you gets buzzed, you snap out of it and go back to having a free-flowing, genuine conversation to sort of think tank the issue toward a workable policy solution, rather than just constantly flogging it in broad terms to voters for the perpetual campaign.