Plurality ‘Strongly Disapprove’ Of Joe Biden’s Job Performance


In a survey conducted by The Trafalgar Group, Americans don’t like President Joe Biden. In a two-day survey of 1073 respondents, 46.5% approve of Biden (strongly agree or approve) and 47.5% disapprove (strongly disapprove or disapprove). The poll reflects. Democrat and Republican likely voters and The Trafalgar Group has 95% confidence in the poll.

The report was conducted after months of the Biden administration considering vaccine mandates and the beginning of the fall of Afghanistan. Biden is losing his mind, and everyone from both political parties has watched it unfold. Hunter Biden has constantly been a sore thumb for Joe Biden, and his antics seem to come and go, but the mainstream media, at least on the Democrat side, hasn’t reported about it.

The poll incorporates more Democrat and non-party voters than Republicans and displays how Democrats are getting fed up with Biden’s constant bad decisions. Equal race relation to population was represented, and slightly more females were polled than males.

The mainstream media has had a fun day with loud voices from both political parties, but it is critical to remember that they represent a minority of their respective party. Somebody should tell Biden that because he seems to pander to the woke and radical side of the Democrat party, and it won’t fare very well for him as his Presidency continues.

The real test will be the midterm election in 2022, and predictions show Republicans will win by a landslide. That would be good for America because the balance of power is vital for continuing our governmental structure.

Even Black Lives The Biden administration has duped matter subgroups. Thousands of Black communities were promised by Biden to make positive changes in their lives, and Biden has done nothing to show his support for Black Americans. That goes to show he only used them to get voted in and doesn’t care about them. Give it three years, and he’ll pull his “black card” out and keep pandering.

Biden’s on his way out in his first year, and many recent polls show that Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t too hot in the public’s eye either. Nobody knows what would happen if Biden is impeached or forced to resign, but either way, it may be worse for our country than what we already have.