Police Chief In Minnesota Forced To Apologize To Woke Mob

A police chief in a Minnesota city has caved to a woke Facebook mob and apologized for posting a “thin blue line” flag to commemorate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Golden Valley Police Chief Virgil Green made the unnecessary apology after the mob flooded his comment section, demanding he explains the symbol’s meaning.

“Our social media post also included an image of the thin blue line flag,” Green wrote in a statement apologizing. “While the post was intended to thank our police officers, it appears the image offended some who viewed it. For this, I sincerely apologize.”

Green’s apology came after The Golden Valley Police Department took down the post after reading comments from some community members.

Green further promised the leftist mob that his police department would not use the “thin blue line” symbol in the future, but would instead “use images that do not bring unwarranted controversy between the police and the public.”

Green drew furious responses from community members who felt the police chief didn’t need to apologize to “snowflakes.” Many who commented on Green’s apology said his action has let his officers know he would not stand behind them.

“When the police no longer honor the sacrifices of their own, we are all in big trouble,” one user lamented.

One angry resident described Green as a “spineless and gutless coward” for caving to woke narratives.

“He is a disgrace to the badge and all who walk the THIN BLUE LINE,” the resident said. “He needs to turn in his badge, step down and go into exile with shame. He does not represent those who put on the uniform and carry the weight of the badge.”

The Los Angeles Police Department also faced similar backlash after it banned the display of the Thin Blue Line Flag following complaints from leftists that it symbolized extremist views. The mob also claimed that the symbol had ties to the Proud Boys.