Police Defend Pro-Life Rally From Antifa Bullies

Antifa hit a new low — if that’s even possible — when the fascists who claim to be fighting fascists tried to attack a “Babies Lives Matter” demonstration in Santa Monica Saturday. To their great credit, the police stepped in and put an end to the mayhem.

Score one for the good guys and ladies against the black-clad Antifa bullies.

It must be understood that Antifa radicals are branching out from their normal scope of protest. Recently they took to assembling to protect the sanctity of such high-minded entertainment as “kid-friendly drag shows.”

Over the weekend, they were determined to blow apart a rare California pro-life rally — with force if necessary. Only, they were met by a sizable and armed force of Santa Monica’s finest to ensure that those who came to defend the lives of babies could have a peaceful assembly.

On the video, a female protester can be heard shouting “Pigs!” and claiming she had just undergone surgery. Police are heard shouting “hold the line” and “you can’t be here like that.”

The two-minute video posted on Twitter features Antifa chanting, “When abortion rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up and fight back.”

As the Antifa crowd attempted their usual violent surge against the small assembly of conservatives, the police stepped in. Officers brandished their batons in an attempt to stop what clearly appeared to be an attempt at violence, so Antifa members turned their anger on law enforcement.

That was a bad move.

In a positive sign for police departments everywhere, the Santa Monica PD did not give ground at all. Rather, they deployed their batons to push back at the screaming Antifa radicals, some of whom were forced to the ground by officers defending themselves.

Some social media postings noted the efficiency of the police in turning back the tide of leftists attempting to attack the Babies Lives Matter rally. One noted that “I give the police props for maintaining order with a group egging them on. Gotta be hard to tune it out and still maintain awareness.”

Another succinctly noted, “I’m surprised police in California use that much force.”