Police Officers Are ‘Quitting’ Because Of Moral Not Money

No money can keep someone in their current professional position, especially law enforcement. Law enforcement officers leave their departments, and some of those departments pay very well. If money is why you’re staying at a specific department or in a particular job or profession, stop. Happiness is key, not a job. Weigh the risk versus reward and put yourself in a better position for your future and your family’s future.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “money is not the answer to the immediate problem.”

Even smaller Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices can retain their officers at lower pay than neighboring agencies because they are happier. The morale is better, and the officers feel a sense of partnership because they know they can rely on the department just as much as they depend on them.

The comment came after President Joe Biden said, “We’re interested in locating and providing the additional assistance you require that goes beyond someone with a gun strapped to their shoulder. More social workers and mental health workers are needed. When you’re summoned to these events, and someone will leap from a roof, we need more individuals who aren’t just standing there with a firearm. It is also someone who understands how to talk to people and bring them down.”

Biden might be partly correct for one of the first times on this one. Yes, funding is excellent, but Biden also has to understand that mental health workers and social workers aren’t equipped with the necessary response techniques and practice that law enforcement is provided with. During mental health calls, things can get violent and deadly very quickly. No social worker should place themselves in that harm when lethal force or even less than lethal force is necessary to subdue an individual.

Kelly argued that police departments have the funding right now because of COVID-19 financing.

Kelly then told the truth about police officers leaving, “I think one of the problems is that a lot of cops have voted with their feet.”

For smaller departments like the Asheville Police Department in North Carolina, nearly one-third of the department has left, and that statistic comes from June of 2021. The Hill reported, “Out of its 238-officer police force, Asheville lost 80 of its officers.” There have been more that have left in the meantime.

It’s because the police are afraid to do their job. Say what you want from that statement because it’s already been claimed that officers who are doing the right thing shouldn’t worry, but even when officers have done the right thing, they’re charged with crimes senselessly. Even when charges are dropped, the damage is already done.

Now, there’s conflicting support for law enforcement because police officers are being used as pawns for Democrats with the mask mandate and COVID-19 vaccine passport. Any officer that goes along with arresting someone because they don’t have a vaccine card deserves neither their pay, authority, or benefits from being a police officer. It is the United States, not Nazi Germany.