Police Officers Face July 4 Attacks Across America

What should have been a day for celebrating America’s freedoms instead became an outpouring of violent attacks on law enforcement. From coast to coast and in between, those protecting the public came under fierce assault in multiple incidents.

Two officers providing security at an Independence Day concert in Philadelphia are lucky to be alive after being shot. A Highway Patrol officer was grazed in the forehead by a bullet and a sheriff’s deputy was shot in the shoulder.

The local police union announced a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the shooting.

In San Francisco, 12 police officers were injured by what they described as a “hostile” crowd. As authorities tried to break up an overnight gathering surrounding a street fire, they were attacked by thrown glass bottles and “explosive devices.”

An officer in Texarkana, Arkansas, was injured so severely by teens hurling mortar shells that she had to undergo surgery. Authorities were planning a response with less than lethal weapons, but the commanding officer decided to remove emergency personnel from the area.

Witnesses estimate some 200 teens in the area were shooting mortar-type fireworks at other people, cars, and homes.

Back on the East Coast, police were called to aid an assault victim in Portland, Maine. Officers found the victim on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound and still being assaulted.

As police rendered aid, a hostile crowd gathered and fireworks were reportedly thrown at officers. Police were on the scene for hours and continued to be struck by mortar-style fireworks. There were no serious injuries to officers, and the gunshot victim was listed in fair condition.

Authorities say it’s the second straight July 4 holiday in which police responded to a weapons call in the neighborhood only to be attacked.

An officer in Chicago had to be treated at a hospital after a crowd sent an object into his patrol car’s windshield. A crowd entertained itself by jumping on the hoods of cruisers and punching their windows.

Biden’s America is getting more dangerous by the day. For every incident of even questionable police conduct, the national media ignores scores of assaults — many life-threatening — on those sworn to protect the public. So who is protecting the protectors?