Police Searching For Woman Who Drugged Man And Robbed Him

Miami police are searching for an unidentified woman caught on elevator security video after she allegedly drugged a Florida man and stole over $600,000 worth of jewelry from him.

Security footage showed the man bringing the woman home in the morning on May 8, 2023, after meeting her at the “Dirty Rabbit” bar.

He told police they had drinks, and he passed out shortly after. The next thing he remembered was waking up around noon to find his safe opened and the woman gone with his jewelry.

“They fell asleep, and when he woke up at about 12 p.m., he noticed the safe in his bedroom was open,” according to the report obtained by Fox News Digital.

In the elevator footage, the woman wears a white halter top under a jean jacket, a black miniskirt, and stiletto boots. She is holding an iPhone with a pink case and a blue solo cup as she exits the elevator, which she did not have upon entering.

Officer Michael Vega explained why the woman appeared to carry two cups on her way out of the residence.

“Now sometimes you might say ‘Oh, well she’s just leaving with a Solo cup.’ No,” Vega told WPLG-TV.

“She’s taking the Solo cup that she drank because it has her DNA. She’s taking his Solo cup because it has not only his DNA, but it also has whatever drugs she put in,” he added.

The man said he wouldn’t want to be identified but offered an additional $10,000 worth of reward for information leading to the woman’s arrest.

Vega said the stolen jewelry included two Rolex watches, a gold chain, gold bracelets, Cartier sunglasses, and a rose gold diamond ring.

Police described the woman as approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall, weighing about 140 pounds, and having long black hair. They are asking the public for help in identifying her.

“These are super, super clear images of her,” Vega added. “We know that somebody’s going to see her and either know that they were also a victim of her or that they know who she is.”