Polio Found in the US

The United States continues to confront back-to-back problems with the Biden administration being in charge of this country.

Many Americans were put through the wringer when Biden tried to force through a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination mandate. This would later be shut down by the Supreme Court back in January. However, many additional problems have come up since then.

The supply chain is still a disaster, as are gas prices and the economy. Meanwhile, the White House continues to project an all-is-well image that just doesn’t align with day-to-day life for everyday Americans.

Now, the latest crisis under Biden is unfolding. This time, it’s the comeback of polio.

Understanding the Return of Polio Under Biden
Ironically, the last time polio emerged was during Biden’s term in the White House in 2013. Only this time, he was serving as vice president to Barack Obama, rather than leading as the president himself.

Nevertheless, Rockland County, New York is where polio resurfaced in America after nine years. Interestingly enough, the individual with polio hasn’t traveled overseas recently, nor have they been labeled as contagious by health officials.

At this time, the individual is experiencing paralysis, though. Health officials also remain uncertain about how many other Americans could have been unknowingly exposed to polio.

Since the New Yorker found with polio was not vaccinated against the infection, health officials are now advising people to take this vaccine for self-protection.

The news of a polio comeback under Biden follows a monkeypox emergence, along with new strains of COVID-19.