Poll: 58% Of Voters Don’t Want Another Biden Campaign

A new poll shows that most American voters do not want Joe Biden to run for another term in the White House in 2024.

Newsweek commissioned the survey conducted by The Redfield & Wilton Strategies. It shows that 58% of all voters polled do not believe Biden should mount another presidential campaign. Of the respondents who do not want to see another Biden run, 42% said his age was the primary reason they want another Democratic candidate.

At 80 years old, Biden is already the oldest person to serve as president in the nation’s history. If he were to run successfully for a second term and complete it, he would be 86 when he leaves office.

Among the other reasons cited for not supporting another Biden run, 16% of respondents cited the current administration’s economic policies, 7% said other Democrats are stronger candidates, and 1% pointed to the results in last month’s midterm elections.

Only 30% of the total polled said they preferred to see Biden run again in two years, while 12% said they did not know or had no preference.

While Biden has not formally stated his intention to run for president again, he has indicated that he is planning to give it another go.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump announced his 2024 candidacy last month and has officially filed federal election paperwork to kick off his campaign. Trump’s third run for the White House could set up a rematch of the contested 2020 election, depending on what Biden does.

The Newsweek poll found that 49% of respondents do not want to see Trump run again in 2024. Of the remainder, 39% said they support Trump’s early commitment to the next election, and 11% did not know.

Of the people who said they do not want another Trump campaign, 39% cited his response to the 2020 election as their primary reason. Other reasons to oppose Trump were his “ability to provoke heated opposition from Democrats” at 10% and his age (76) at 8%.

While the Newsweek poll shows a majority of Americans do not want to see another Biden run, a recent CNBC poll was even more unfavorable for the president. In that survey, 70% of Americans said they did not want to see Biden seek another term. In addition, 57% of Democrats in that survey said they prefer to see a different candidate from their party.