Poll: Disney World Has Lost Its Magic Because Of Costs

The tag line for Disneyland is “The happiest place on earth,” and for Magic Kingdom it is “The most magical place on earth,” but with rising prices those tag lines may need to be changed rather quickly.

A recent poll done by “Time 2 Play” polled what they called “self-described Disney enthusiasts” to get their thoughts on the rising costs and new “gimmicks” at Disney’s two major U.S. parks. The responses were clear and show a growing dislike of some of the changes and cost increases happening at both parks.

Some of the polling numbers include:

  • 92.6% replied that the cost of a Disney World vacation would proclue them from going in the past.
  • 68.3% of respondents say that “The most magical place on earth” has lost its magic because of the increase prices for almost everything.
  • Almost half of respondents have had to postpone a trip to Disney in recent years because of the price increase.
  • 66.9% of respondents feel that if they do not upgrade their package to Genie+ and purchase additional lightning passes, that they will not get the “full Disney” experience which just makes the trip even more expensive.

NewsMax reports that “A standard one-park, one-day ticket Friday to Disney World cost $134, but it actually costs more on busier dates. The Disney World tickets through October are between $139-$154, according to the park’s official website.” In 2015, for the first time ever, the average park ticket price for Disney topped $100 and it has shown no signs of slowing down today.

A trip to Disney was a normal expense for many families as it was only recently that ticket prices began to soar and became more like a luxury getaway than a family vacation destination.

Disney has also been accused of going “woke” recently with a well publicized battle between Gov. DeSantis (R.-Fl) and Disney over how much and when taxpayers should help foot the bill to get Disney to stay.

Whatever the reason, the rising prices for tickets, food, souvenirs, and more have caused many “Disney lovers” to pause and reevaluate the company.