Poll: Florida Hispanic Voters Prefer DeSantis Over Crist

A recently released poll revealed that Florida’s Hispanic voters prefer incumbent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist by a strong 7%.

The results come from the liberal-slanted Telemundo/LX News poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy. Not only does it counter the left’s divisive narrative, the numbers mean even more good news for the sitting governor.

DeSantis’ approval rating among Hispanic voters is a solid 56%.

Further illustrating the disconnect between liberal Democrats and Florida’s immigrant communities are responses when asked about the governor’s sending illegal migrants to the liberal bastion of Martha’s Vineyard.

A full 50% of Hispanic voters supported the move compared to 43% who were opposed. And the separation was 52% to 41% among Hispanic immigrants.

These positive results look even better considering that DeSantis lost the Hispanic vote to Democrat Andrew Gillum in his successful 2018 run for governor.

The DeSantis dominance was across the board as Hispanic independents favored the sitting governor 56% to 34%. Among respondents of Cuban descent, support for the incumbent came in at an impressive 72% to 32% for Crist.

Another issue of major importance surveyed was Florida’s response to the recent devastation of Hurricane Ian. A majority of Democrats, 54%, approve of DeSantis’ measures to counter the natural disaster along with 94% of Republicans and 72% of independents.

When the question shifted to handling the COVID-19 pandemic, Hispanic Republicans approved of the governor’s actions by 98% along with 61% of independents.

Even 34% of Hispanic Democrats supported how the governor led Florida through the era of restrictions and lockdowns.

Brad Coker with Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy explained that the results showed that DeSantis’ attitude and charisma have strong appeal in the Hispanic community. Interestingly, he added that while the incumbent has a “strongman” style, Crist carries “no mojo.”

Republican strategist Giancarlo Sopo asserted that Democrats err when it comes to gauging Hispanic attitudes towards illegal immigration. He added that many have a mistaken belief that the Hispanic community favors “uncontrolled mass migration.”

Sopo concluded, and polling data agreed, that “they couldn’t be more wrong.”