POLL: Women’s Sports and Parental Rights Face a Tough Road in Kansas

In America today, some of the most hot-button cultural issues deal with women’s sports and parental rights.

Because of biological differences that exist between females and males, much of the country believes it’s only fair for biological females to participate in these sports.

Yet, left-wing activists generally argue that biological males who identify as transgender females should also get to compete against biological women.

Even with hormone therapies and surgeries, the physical advantages that biological males have against biological females still exist.

Meanwhile, on the issue of parental rights, there are many mothers and fathers who do not want their children to be taught about gender theory or critical race theory.

Again, left-wing activists tend to insist that schools should be able to include these topics in their curriculums, despite what parents think.

Now, a new report from Life Site News confirms that both women’s sports and parental rights are far from good to go in Kansas.

Far From Out of the Woods

Governor Laura Kelly (D-KS) vetoed legislation in her state that would have kept women’s sports for only biological females and protected parents who don’t want their kids taught about gender theory and Marxism in classrooms.

Now, with the right number of votes, state legislatures can override governors’ vetoes. However, this did not pan out in Kansas.

The Kansas Senate voted to override Kelly on these issues; however, in the Kansas House of Representatives, the body fell short of the necessary votes to protect women’s sports and parental rights.

This is not too much of a surprise. After all, Kansas is still a fairly blue state. Democrats, more often than not, don’t stand up for women’s rights to have their own sports or for parents to be involved in the education of their children.

Bad News For Governor Kelly?

While the Kansas governor’s vetoes against these bills currently stand, some Republicans believe the situation could ultimately lead to a red wave in Kansas.

Conservatives noted how Virginia (a state controlled by Democrats for over ten years) flipped from blue to red last year, largely due to parental rights affecting the education of their daughters and sons.

Kansas Attorney General David Schmidt is currently running in his state’s Republican primary, hoping to face off against Kelly in the governor’s race.

According to Schmidt, he would not have vetoed the legislation that he described as a “commonsense principle.” Time will tell whether or not women’s sports and parental rights impact the future of leadership in Kansas.