Popular NYC Restaurant Owner ‘Challenges’ Governor To ‘Arrest’ Him Over Her Vaccine Mandate

An owner of several popular restaurants in New York City is making no bones about his refusal to submit to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and has openly dared Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul to arrest him over it.

Stratis Morfogen told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that he would not fire any of his employees over government-imposed vaccine mandates. He added that he had already told the governor to “come and arrest” him.

The governor has not placed a vaccine mandate for all New York states. Still, New York City’s government has enacted a “vaccine passport” requirement to enter restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, gyms, and many other places of public accommodation. The city’s mandate applies to both customers and staff.

The city mandate applies to anybody above the age of 12. It requires them to show they have had at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, except for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which only requires one dose. Everyone 18 and over must also carry and show government identification alongside their proof of vaccination. The so-called “Key to NYC” also applies to employees of covered businesses.

Morfogen stated that one of the reasons he will not implement the mandate is because his employees are his “heroes.” He went on to say that in the early phases of the epidemic, his employees helped feed 8,400 frontline health care personnel who were putting their lives on the line for patients. He explained that he would not fire those devoted employees because of a joke.

The restaurateur went on to say that none of the mandate rules “make sense.” He said that even a fully vaccinated person showing a legitimate COVID vaccination card can be a “superspreader” because it has been demonstrated that an asymptomatic-positive fully vaccinated person can come into his restaurant and spread it to everyone.

Morfogen added that politicians do not understand anything about operating a successful business. He said politicians have “never run a lemonade stand” or any small business and do not know about the sleepless nights involved in running a business.