Premiere of ‘What Is A Woman?’ Met with Web Traffic Attack

A disruptive DDoS attack occurred during the premiere of the film ”What is a Woman?” But the show still went on.

The film delves into simple biological facts and highlights liberal professionals not being able to answer simple scientific questions about gender. Viewers were left unable to access the content when vigilantes flooded Daily Wire’s system.

The Daily Wire, a conservative news website and media company, showed the documentary featuring one of their own, Matt Walsh.

The concept of male and female was once a non-controversial way of life. However, in modern American society, gender identity is a hot topic and the question of “what is a woman?” is stumping many on the left when asked the simple question.

This exposure to insanity is not being taken well by some and an online attack was launched to try to disrupt the film’s premiere. A DDoS attack, also known as a distributed denial-of-service, is a purposeful act to stop the flow of traffic to a website.

The Co-CEO of The Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, confirmed the attack did happen and gave details.

“We have confirmed that @realDailyWire experienced a significant and sustained DDoS attack tonight meant to disrupt the World Premiere of #WhatIsAWoman,” he said in a statement. “A million requests per minute at the peak flooded our system and created challenges for many viewers.”

“We are working to address these challenges in real-time,” Boreing continued. “Even so, the premiere had more viewers than any stream in the history of the site. A huge success for an amazing film. Someone doesn’t want you to see this movie. See it anyway. VOD up now.”

The Daily Wire started a live stream that was taking place right before the film’s premiere. It was then discovered that many people were having difficulties watching the live stream.

Walsh, known for his strong conservative beliefs, left the audience shocked when he discovered that today’s top professionals have no answers when asked what a woman is.

Doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, elite politicians, and even transgender people themselves have not been able to answer the question, despite claiming “trans women are women.”

On an episode of Dr. Phil in January of this year, Walsh was a guest and stumped two “gender experts” by simply asking them what they meant when they kept referring to the word “woman.”

Despite the attack, millions have since watched the film and it seems to have started quite the conversation.