President Biden Announces On Live TV That He Intends To Break His Oath Of Office

The constitution is in place for a particular reason. It restricts the government’s oversight on many issues, including gun rights, freedom of speech, and evictions.

Landlords filed a case in federal court against the eviction moratorium and its constitutional character of due process, which, to be honest, provides little protection for landlords.

Though the federal government has given states funds for landlords, the moratorium provides no pathway for landlords to challenge financial hardships, and many states haven’t been giving out money to landlords, according to a reporter who asked Jen Psaki what Joe Biden was going to do to assist landlords in the payment process of properties.

Government benefits only work if they’re limited and strict. With no accountability, recipients abuse the system. I mean, look at unemployment. Employers can’t find workers to fill positions. At the same time, unemployment is rampant across the country, and all Biden’s administration can say is that employers should compete with the federal government on wages.

It isn’t the first accusation that Biden has violated the constitution. Biden’s border crisis has been deemed unconstitutional by Republicans, and they say it’s grounds for impeachment. Biden’s exclusion of constitutional rights is alarming and should be taken into consideration when citizens go to vote.

Property owners can still evict on other grounds, such as lease violations, even if they can’t evict when payment isn’t made.

Property ownership, when used as a rental, is a good business in the United States, and when the government steps on the citizen right to engage in business, it’s the judicial branches job to correct that overreach and give them the ability to conduct business as usual and hold others accountable when they aren’t abiding by the standard set by their tenants.