President Joe Biden Was Enmesh Again In Another Lie

Lies are the hallmark of Joe Biden’s presidency. Time and time again, the 46th president has sought to mislead and con the American public, rather than being a president who follows through on his word. 

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden declared he wouldn’t make the COVID vaccine mandatory. Even after the 46th president first got into office, his administration conceded the role of the federal government is not to implement nationwide vaccine mandates. 

Nevertheless, Biden went back on this and is trying to implement federal vaccine mandates on the country. He also lied when he promised to unify the nation and turn down the temperature. 

Time and time again, this president lies. It’s questionable whether or not Biden is even capable of remembering the truth or what he said five minutes ago. Now, the Next News Network is pointing out Biden’s lie regarding reopening the United States. 

When Biden ran for office last year, he vowed to defeat the virus and not the economy. Then-candidate Biden also rambled on and on about how Trump supposedly failed to handle COVID properly. Biden was sure that he had the answers and could make it all the better if only he got into office. 

Fast forward about one year later, and Biden hasn’t defeated COVID whatsoever. Even despite all the masking and the COVID vaccines, there are still reports of COVID cases. Furthermore, there are still fully vaccinated folks testing positive for COVID. 

What’s most ironic about Biden’s lie regarding reopening is that he’s doing precisely the opposite via a backdoor means. The president’s COVID vaccine mandates are shutting down sectors of the economy amid the subsequent staffing shortages. 

Now, the Federal Appeals Court put a stay on the president’s medical edict, pending additional review and action. However, the Biden administration is already pushing businesses to proceed with the vaccine order anyway. 

It will drive folks out of the workforce and take away good stuff from businesses that need these workers. None of this aligns with reopening America.

It is evident Biden’s grandiose promises about reopening America were lies. However, the truth is that Biden remains at war with America.

The 46th president is at war with values and ideals that comprise what the United States is all about. That’s why Biden’s Build Back Better plan is all about raising taxes, bloating the government, and stripping away individual rights and freedoms.