President Trump Blasts FBI Attempts To ‘Frame’ Him

In a blistering post on Truth Social, President Donald Trump alleged that the FBI offered former British spy Christopher Steele $1 million to “frame” him. The report of Special Counsel John Durham directly supports Trump’s claim. This shocking revelation begs the question: Was our justice system complicit in an attempt to sabotage Trump’s 2016 campaign?

According to page 11 of the Durham report, the FBI indeed offered Steele a hefty sum upwards of $1 million for the corroboration of the explosive allegations in the Steele dossier. But, unfortunately for them, Steele could not provide any substantial proof for these allegations, even with the seven-figure incentive.

The dossier compiled by Steele in 2016 alleged direct Russian ties to Trump. It claimed that Trump’s former campaign chief Paul Manafort and other campaign figures conspired with the Kremlin to dig up dirt on Trump’s 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. A former MI6 agent, Steele acted as a private citizen while compiling this report, not as a spy. He was commissioned by Glenn Simpson, co-founder of political research firm Fusion GPS, who claimed that Trump had made “weird statements” about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite this glaring lack of substantiated evidence, the FBI proceeded with their “Crossfire Hurricane” probe into Trump’s alleged Russian connections. According to the Durham report, this was an unfounded venture that should never have occurred. The report concurs with Trump’s long-standing critique of the probe as a politically driven “hoax” and a “witch hunt.” Moreover, it highlights that the FBI and DOJ failed to “uphold their important mission” and initiated the probe based on unfounded, raw intelligence.

In the wake of the Durham report’s release, Trump has ramped up his criticism of the FBI and DOJ. His scathing post on Truth Social pulled no punches. Trump demanded action, asking why arrests were not being made and accusing the FBI of spying on his campaign and spreading bribes. “Why aren’t people under arrest. They spied on my campaign, and bribed people all over the place, and then go after ME. The people of our once great Country won’t stand for it,” he proclaimed.

However, the FBI maintains its position, stating that informants are often paid for information and are not official FBI employees. Furthermore, the Bureau claims to have taken “dozens of corrective actions” since the probe controversy arose.

The Durham report’s findings have opened Pandora’s box of uncomfortable truths about handling the Trump investigation. As the former President continues his 2024 re-election bid, the Durham revelations will no doubt keep the conversation buzzing in the political arena.