President Trump Hits Bob Woodward With Major Lawsuit

A big media figure is now facing the ire of former President Donald Trump. Bob Woodward, who wrote the book Rage based on interviews with the president, is now smarting from a major lawsuit.

The 45th president announced a large lawsuit against the journalist this week. The suit, for $49 million, objects to Woodward releasing interviews conducted with President Trump.

According to the former president, he agreed to talk with Woodward as part of the interviews. However, he did not agree that the files could be released. These were later published seperately.

Former President Trump’s attorneys wrote in the complaint, “The defendants’ ongoing concerted efforts to profit off the protected audio recordings and the works they have distributed derived from the protected audio recordings have caused President Trump to sustain substantial damage.”

Many Americans nowadays may not recognize the name Bob Woodward. He made his name during another age. His work on the Watergate scandal was essential in the toppling of President Richard Nixon.

Woodward’s work as an author since has given him access to multiple White Houses. Except this time, President Trump didn’t want to put up with any sneaky business.

Former President Trump’s lawsuit is a major opportunity to strike back at false media narratives. Media errors such as the Nicholas Sandmann or Kyle Rittenhouse case have sullied reputations over left-wing bias.

The former president is doing something that conservative political figures should: fight back. Showing the media that they are beholden to the people and not the other way around is an excellent chance to expose their bias.

This is part of the genius that put President Trump in the White House in the first place. Americans want a fighter not afraid to call it like it is. If Bob Woodward or his publishers lied to President Trump, then they should have to answer to it in a court of law.

This might be just the example to cut down on shady media practices across the board.