Presidents Joe Biden and XI Jinping Get Together to Discuss War in Ukraine

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, the United States and China are mainly sitting on the sidelines. Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are planning to get together for a meeting of the minds.

In the past, during the Cold War, the USSR squared off against the USA through proxy wars across the globe. During this time, the UK acted as the power behind the power in Europe, strategically manipulating events to the benefit of this cross Atlantic partnership solidified during World Wars I and II. Now, Russia views itself as the strategic godfather of China, ideologically and geographically connected. But China, like the US during the Cold War, is driving the agenda in partnership with Russia.

White House press secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki said that this meeting is essential to keep open lines of correspondence between the United States and China. The PRC will determine the continuous endeavors of the Russian-China partnership. These two men will examine the opposition between our two nations. And they will discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict as well as issues of common concern.

President Joe Biden will talk with Chinese top dog Xi Jinping by telephone about the conflict in Ukraine. This conversation will likely determine the future actions of Xi. The sock puppet president better have a good day, but it is likely that his weakness and ineptitude will only encourage Chinese expansion.

China and US leaders are not specifically planning to discuss a mediated solution. Reports have been released that Russia received military guidance from China. China appears to be assisting Russia not only with military support but also monetary sponsorship to mitigate the damage from sanctions, for example, using the UnionPay system.

China’s UnionPay is a credit card payment processing system those Russian citizens are using to avoid sanctions. After Visa and Mastercard cut Russia off, three significant Russian banks joined the Chinese UnionPay framework.

This is reducing the impact of American and European financial penalties. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan raised this issue during a meeting with Yang Jiechi, a senior international strategy advisor to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said that national security concerns led the Biden-Harris maladministration to seek out interests in terms of the PRC help to Russia.

Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Zhao Lijian claims that the US, through media plants, is spreading misinformation and fake news. He asserts that Biden is attacking China on the Ukraine issue. The Biden-Harris administration attempted to persuade Chinese authorities to pressure Russia not to attack. Let’s see how well Biden does when it comes to persuading China not to seize Taiwan.