Prince Charles Offers To Become A Global Beastly Warlord Dictator

Great Britain’s de facto leader as the Prince of Wales, Charles, said we must arouse war-like activity to manage the climate on Monday at the COP26 meeting with global leaders and pseudo-leaders like Joe Biden. 

According to the Financial Times, Prince Chuck presided over a private business non-profit group founded The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum (PWBLF) in 1990 until disbanded in 2013. His efforts to unify businesses in public-private partnerships are designed to create a global socialist system over and above the United Nations despite his protests to the contrary. 

He laughs when responding to the accusation that he is an anti-capitalist shill for global elites. Of course, the crown of England, one of the most corrupt institutions in history, does not favor businesses running themselves. 

The UK facilitates COP26 to unite countries and speed up activity towards the Paris Arrangement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Both of these global initiatives were rejected by Donald Trump, and most US citizens are suspicious of them. 

John “F” Kerry’s support of the Paris Arrangement seeks to limit a dangerous atmospheric temperature rise to ideally less than 1.5 degrees Celsius. It is unrealistic and useless. 

Using a war-like footing is vital for his COP26 environmentalist plans. Chuck was talking before world leaders, attempting to mimic a Winston Churchill message. He sounded more like King George VI. In September 2020, he demanded a Marshall-plan arrangement to save nature and individuals. 

However, he could have gotten his wires confused. The Marshall plan was paid for with US taxpayers’ money after Nazis razed Europe in World War II. Is he suggesting that we pay for this nonsense through US corporations funded and supported by the US government? And does he want to use this model to take over businesses across the world?

Chuck said that time had run out like his buddies Al Gore and Greta “F’n” Thunberg. 

After disembarking from their private plane in Glasgow, Scotland, England’s future king said the Coronavirus pandemic had shown us exactly how a worldwide, cross-boundary threat works. Then he made the spurious claim that climate change and environmental misfortune are just like COVID-19. Is he saying that both are artificial or naturally occurring? If they are manufactured, then we must have accountability for the origin of COVID-19. If they are naturally occurring, then there is little to be done about global warming. And yet, both statements may be factual, and Chuck may be off his rocker. 

He thinks that everything represents a significant existential danger. But he has not stopped using his jet or shut down the British transportation system. 

Chuck wants to tackle the carbon currently in the environment and coal power stations. But he failed to propose or recommend the most logical solution: launching a massive building program for the world’s cleanest and safest nuclear power plants. Instead, the dopey Prince thinks that the world’s governments should be forced to fund boondoggles like Solandra to fleece taxpayers like his Scottish sheep. 

Chuck mused that his old Aston Martin runs on white wine and whey from the cheddar cheese. He is not James Bond, and our car runs on gasoline, or petrol as Chuck would say.