Pro-Crime Democrats Forced To Face Yet Another “Inconvenient Truth”

Over the past several years, the Democrat Party has succeeded in making a name for itself as a pro-crime group. There are no greater examples of this than Democrats calling to defund the police and their leaders heeding these calls.

Let’s also not forget about Democrats who have chosen to cease prosecuting crime. Across the United States, left-wing prosecutors are essentially ending cash bail and letting violent criminals run amuck.

It has engendered massive increases in crime, putting many law-abiding Americans on edge. As the mayhem from coddling criminals spreads nationwide, yet another inconvenient truth for the Democrat Party has arrived, as PJ Media reports.

According to a recent study conducted by the Journal of Public Economics, policing fell amidst specific killings that made national news. That’s not all, though.

City Journal reports that after the demonstrations against police following the 2014 death of Michael Brown, police presence significantly declined in communities. The same is also true for pedestrian checks and food patrol.

At the same time that police presence took a nosedive, the crime rates skyrocketed. It’s gotten to be so severe that even some Democrats who happily defunded the police back in 2020 started to reverse course in 2021.

2019 data from the Public Policy Institute of California also confirms the inherent dangers of anti-police demonstrations. This study determined the rise in a heightened backlash against law enforcement after police killings directly connected with declines in arrests for property crimes and offenses committed against individuals.

Of course, when criminals realize there are fewer police officers active and on the beat, they know their odds of getting away with lawlessness increases. Therefore, the vicious cycle continues with continued crime spikes and more innocent civilian casualties.

At this time, the country has primarily reached a turning point of sorts. We have to decide whether or not we want to be a nation of law and order or a real-life version of Gotham City.

Defunding the police does not work. It’s easy for leftists to trash the police. Yet, when push comes to shove, most people calling to defund the police will immediately call them if a dangerous situation materializes.

It is in the best interest of both the individual and the general public for law enforcement officers to have a presence in communities. We’ve already seen what the alternative looks like, and it’s far from a pretty picture.