Professor Suggests Uvalde Police Hesitated Because School Had Mostly ‘Brown Kids’

A University of Pennsylvania professor and MSNBC contributor took race-baiting to a shameful new level. Anthea Butler, in the aftermath of last week’s horrific elementary school shooting in Texas that killed 21, suggests Uvalde law enforcement didn’t care about “brown kids.”

Butler is an associate professor of Religious studies and Africana Studies at UPenn. Parents pay top dollar to send their kids to Ivy League schools to be indoctrinated by this blatantly foul wokeism.

On Twitter Friday, Butler declared that she will ask the question “since no one else will.” Perhaps no one is asking the question because it is too ridiculous and disgusting even for leftist radicals. But on to the question.

The UPenn scholar asks if the children died because most were Mexican-American. “I mean,” Butler declares, “because it’s Texas,” where people think anyone who is not White is an illegal immigrant.

The tweet was deleted, but the internet being what it is, word got out about the horrific allegation.

Of course, it is worth noting that Uvalde’s local law enforcement leaders who are currently under fire along with several officers are Hispanic. They include Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez and Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pedro Arredondo.

Victims and survivors are increasingly angry about the slow response time by officers to breach the classroom and confront the gunman. Up until Butler’s diatribe, however, no one had thrown down the race card. In these times, that’s quite remarkable.

However, this particular professor has a resume of outlandish and irresponsible assertions.

Butler’s record is one of racially antagonizing remarks that are perfectly acceptable in academia. For instance, last year she called evangelical Christians “White racists” who may ultimately “kill us all.” In 2015 she launched a blatantly offensive attack on Dr. Ben Carson.

After the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman, the accused killer of Trayvon Martin, the professor called God “a White racist.”

Of course, her silliness fits right into MSNBC programming, so nothing to see here folks. As for the University of Pennsylvania, in the unlikely event the Ivy League institution was offended enough to take action, tenure means their hands are virtually tied. It’s a shame.