Progressive DA Brings Hammer Down on Self-Defense

Another shining example of the havoc wrecked by billionaire George Soros and his radical DA protegees emerged in New York City last week. A 61-year-old deli worker defending himself from a videotaped attack was arrested and sent to Rikers Island on a staggering $250,000 bail.

That sum, for the record, is only half of what progressive District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office requested.

Jose Alba was working behind the counter of a Harlem bodega last week when he was attacked. Surveillance video reportedly showed 35-year-old Austin Simon, who was on parole for assaulting an officer, go behind the counter and violently shove Alba, who was knocked down.

What instigated this attack? Apparently Simon’s girlfriend could not pay for a bag of chips because of a declined credit card. She called him for help to keep the chips from Alba.

The 61-year-old true victim of the crime was grabbed again by the ex-con. But the worker, who immigrated from the Dominican Republic 30 years ago, was able to get a knife and stab Simon several times, and the assailant perished.

Along came new Manhattan DA Bragg, who ordered his office on his first day on the job to ignore small crimes and only seek prison sentences for murder or deadly assault. His stated objective was to focus on “impacts of incarceration.”

So, pretrial detention and prison only for the most serious offenses. Which apparently include self-defense. Fortunately for Alba, his boss and an attorney were able to get his bail lowered to $50,000 and secure his release. He must wear an ankle monitor and surrender his passport.

Alba has been unable to return to work for fear of retribution by Simon’s associates. How many traditional prosecutors would even bother with pressing charges over a clear case of self-defense?

Bragg is one. This is a prosecutor who pledged to improve the lives of criminals instead of victims. And he did not appear out of thin air.

In a pattern repeated across the country, Soros directed $1 million into Bragg’s campaign to be the top prosecutor for the nation’s largest city. At least 75 these hand-selected progressive radicals now control offices that prosecute on behalf of a whopping 20% of Americans.

The pattern among these leftists is to completely ignore street-level crimes that have a daily impact on urban life. Any sane person wants violent offenders off the streets, but open-air drug markets and ransacked neighborhoods are a breeding ground for far worse.