Progressive Squad Members Camp Outside Capitol To Protest Evictions

Assuming Americans cannot take care of themselves and be responsible makes them reliant on the government to make their decisions for them. Just like a child to its parents, people act like children to the government.

“The Squad” constantly disenfranchises the American people of independent financial responsibility when they, frankly, open their mouths and speak.

Cori Bush (D-Mo), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass), and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) slept outside the Capitol building in protest of the end of the federal eviction moratorium. Bush said, “Many of my Democratic colleagues chose to go on vacation early today rather than staying to vote to keep people in their homes. I’ll be sleeping outside the Capitol tonight. We’ve still got work to do.”

Does Bush think that Americans aren’t capable of paying their bills without government assistance? And what about the property owners of the housing people aren’t allowed to be evicted from? If the tenant doesn’t pay their rent, the owner is out of pocket to keep up with payments and upkeep. But she doesn’t expect the tenant to be held accountable anymore. Forever-free Housing can’t ever be a thing. It would take away individual Liberty from everyone, and the government would get to decide what house you live in and where it’s located. If that sounds socialistic, it is.

Bush also said Housing is a basic necessity. How dare we not make sure our people have it? That’s the least we can do is make sure your basic needs are met.”

Doesn’t the federal and state government give unemployment to everyone that lost their jobs due to the pandemic? You get $650 from the state in places like North Carolina and $300 from the feds each week. That’s more than most police officers make a week, and Bush thinks people aren’t paying their rent because they can’t? More like they don’t want to.

More employers than ever before are looking for workers. Many eateries are still operating at half capacity, not because the government forced them to, but because they can’t find workers, while others offer a $100 hiring bonus. However, Biden faults firms for underpaying their labor. It’s both hypocritical and offensive.

Omar tweeted. “So many people are at risk of homelessness in our district, and many have already experienced it. We are out here for them.”
No, you’re out there for yourself and to garner voter support. You would not be attempting to enact legislation that socialized our country if you supported your constituents. You would appreciate the freedom you were given when you arrived in the United States and stop treating it like Somalia, which has millions of displaced citizens. The United States is not Somalia, and it cannot be fixed in the same way. Stop attempting. We’d be better off if you didn’t become involved in politics at all. You don’t realize that the government’s mission isn’t to assume the people’s responsibility and solve all of their issues.

The Supreme Court voted to keep the eviction ban in place, and Brett Kavanaugh said that he voted to keep it in place because it’s set to expire in approximately a month. He said that it allowed a smooth transition.

We should not have to pay for people who are unwilling to work. Everyone deserves to be treated properly, and paying rent is a reasonable exchange for Housing.