Progressives Complain That Biden’s State Of The Union Address Wasn’t Radical Enough

On Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union Address. The speech was an outright disaster. It was infested with lies, delusions and outright attempts to gaslight the American people.

Biden showed that he’s only sunken into deeper levels of delusion regarding the negative ramifications of his policies and leadership. While most sensible Americans were able to see the president’s State of the Union Address was a mess, progressives have someone of a different outlook.

For instance, House Democrat Rashida Tlaib and others like her in Congress claim that Biden’s State of the Union Address did not go as far as it should have. In reaction, the far-left congresswoman declared that Biden’s agenda needs to go further, per National Review.

In an online video, Rashida Tlaib declared that the work of the Democrat Party remains “unfinished.”

Some of the reforms laid out by the congresswoman as necessary measures entail the destruction of the Senate filibuster, the implementation of universal healthcare, a codification of Roe v. Wade, and the enactment of the Green New Deal and Build Back Better.

Of course, Tlaib didn’t hesitate to badmouth Republicans during her remarks. The congresswoman accused the GOP of being supposed “obstructionists.” Tlaib lamented over wealthy individuals boosting their financial status after COVID hit, while everyday Americans suffered.

She baselessly accused corporate companies of raising their sports prices in further remarks. However, Tlaib fails to grasp that companies are increasing their costs not because of greed but because of the inflation crisis and supply chain bottlenecks created by Biden and other Democrats.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib and other radical leftists are well within their rights to scream that Biden isn’t far-left enough. However, progressives are just digging themselves into a further hole.

The majority of the nation disapproves of Biden and his direction. Meanwhile, progressives like Tlaib are saying that Biden isn’t going far enough in the order that’s led to widespread disapproval.

Today’s progressives are so extreme that even moderate Democrats in Congress have chosen to side with Republicans. Tlaib’s reaction to Biden’s State of the Union Address didn’t win anyone over, although it did demonstrate why it’s imperative to vote every single Democrat out of public office.

If Tlaib and other progressives had their way, America would become an authoritarian and communist nanny state.