Prominent Dem Joins Biden In Demonizing Millions of Americans As ‘Semi-Fascist’

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has joined President Joe Biden in calling Republicans who support former President Donald Trump “semi-fascists.”

Biden ran on the promise of being a “unifier,” but it appears that he didn’t actually plan to keep that promise.

The president has now moved on from simply attacking Trump and GOP politicians, and is now attacking anyone who supports Trump. In comments to reporters, Biden demonized over 70 million Trump voters as extremists, violent, and “semi-fascists.”

He also stated bluntly: “I don’t respect MAGA Republicans.”

When he was asked what he meant by “semi-fascists,” Biden simply stated: “You know what I mean.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was also asked about Biden’s comments. Instead of attempting to walk back his divisive statement, she just doubled down on it.

Biden later doubled down in his divisiveness, saying in a tweet that MAGA Republicans were “committed to destroying America.”

While appearing on “Face the Nation” with Major Garrett, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison was asked about how Biden’s attacks on his opposition fit in with his promise to be a unifier during his inaugural address.

“How does ‘semi-fascism’ as a label for the Republican Party fit with that inaugural address?” Garrett asked.

“Well, the one thing that President Joe Biden has been is always been consistent, and he has always been somebody who does what my grandfather used to do, which is speak it plain, say it plain to the American people,” Harrison claimed.

“And what we see right now is a full-frontal attack by these extreme MAGA Republicans in this country. And that extreme attack in our freedoms — freedoms as a people,” he continued.

“Mr. Chairman, you embrace the rhetoric semi-fascism to describe the Republican Party?” Garret asked.

“Well, it’s not about the embracing,” the DNC chair replied. “It’s calling what it is what it is.”

Harrison’s comments show that Biden isn’t alone in hating half of the country — they reveal that Democrats have apparently fully embraced this dangerous rhetoric as well.