Protecting Children Online is More Important Than It’s Ever Been

By its very nature, the internet and online world can open up a lot of doors. However, not all of these doors lead to good places.

Social media sites can be used for friends to keep up with one another; however, they’re also equally as capable of being weaponized by predators.

In recent years, the threats that exist to children on the internet have been gathering national attention. This is especially the case as federal law enforcement officers come across more cases of extortion and other forms of predatory behavior directed toward teenagers.

If some real action isn’t taken to protect children online, things are going to get a lot uglier. Thankfully Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has a plan to help keep children safe, according to PJ Media.

An Important Guide For Every Parent
It’s enough for parents just to know their kids need protection. What really makes the difference is ensuring that parents understand the best steps they can take to ensure the safety of their children.

It is for this reason that Blackburn has a specific guide put together that parents can use. This guide also comes after the congresswoman’s work with various professionals who are best equipped to give advice of this nature.

One of the most important steps parents can take to protect their children on the internet involves making sure their private information isn’t online. This means their full names, residences, and even real-time locations should be offline.

Parents should also ensure that their kids aren’t posting things online without their permission. Sometimes, children’s posts can unknowingly give things away to predators scouring the internet.

As parents work to keep their kids safe, they should also be aware of various parental controls that impact access to websites, online purchases, and more. Parents can use these controls as yet another barrier between their kids and online predators.

With the right tips and with consistency, parents will significantly reduce the likelihood of their children being targeted or hurt by bad people.

The COVID Factor
When various governments across the country chose to shut down and issue orders demanding people to stay at home, this played right into the hands of child predators.

Many people with bad intentions online had a major increase of children on phones, laptops, and iPads. Meanwhile, numerous parents were also on their own devices for work, leaving their kids largely unattended.

The rise in children being targeted by dangerous individuals online is a reminder of how much damage COVID mandates caused. Now, it’s up to parents to do everything in their power to keep their children free of harm.