Protests In Russia ‘Break Out’ Over Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made international headlines over his decision to attack Ukraine. Putin’s doing this as nothing more than a show of power. However, the timing of the onslaught is directly connected to the inherent weakness shown by Joe Biden.

Despite his status as the US President, Biden has continuously shown subservience to Putin. Even as the Biden Administration is now issuing sanctions, he’s not targeting these sanctions in areas that will affect Putin, such as Russian oil and gas.

However, despite Biden’s weakness, Ukrainians fight back with all they have. The people of Ukraine have already taken out various attacks from Russia and taken hostage many of Putin’s soldiers.

Time will tell how this all wraps up. However, many people are not pleased with what Putin is doing in Russia, as LifeSiteNews points out.

In Russia this week, there have been dozens of protesters rallying against the attacks from Putin and chanting against war with Ukraine. Many Russians can also be heard saying that Ukraine isn’t their enemy and war isn’t what they want.

These rallying cries come as Ukraine’s President has urged citizens of Russia to take a stand against what their leader is doing. Meanwhile, the Russians who are bravely standing up and protesting risk incurring the wrath of Putin himself.

Sadly, the Russian President has declared that any of the people in his country who protest against his war against Ukraine shall face time in prison. Meanwhile, videos of Russian police violently moving in against people protesting have circulated across social media.

With the attacks against Ukraine carrying into the third day now, it’s looking like Putin just might have bitten off more than he could chew.

It appears the Russian President believed Ukraine would be easy to take over. However, Ukrainians are fighting back in large numbers, with some making the ultimate sacrifice to protect their homeland.

Some people also believe the Russian President’s attack against Ukraine will backfire and strengthen Ukraine rather than take over the nation altogether.

There are multiple videos of Russian armies in Ukraine telling Ukrainians to surrender and give up. However, the latter refuses to bend the knee.

How the conflict between Ukraine and Russia ends is something that’s going to have international ramifications for many years to come. Much of the world is rooting for Ukraine to survive and beat back this attack from Putin.