Psaki Snap At Reporter And Refuse To Release Critical Info

The Democratic party has lied its way through history, and Jen Psaki isn’t doing them any favors. Psaki has misled and misinformed the American people in Press Conferences while Joe Biden hasn’t grasped the transparency of literature while telling blatant lies to America.

A reporter at the Press Secretary’s briefing asked, “This administration has long claimed that you’re trying to be the most transparent in history. If that’s the case, why won’t you release the number of breakthrough cases of vaccinated staffers?”

It seems like a straightforward question, and it should result in a direct answer, but circle back, Psaki can’t seem to find it in herself, to be honest with the American people, and the reason is more shocking than the answer. The Biden administration has been pushing vaccinations so hard that they can’t back down now. They’ve doubled down in their response to small outbreaks and are hiding the amount of vaccinated Americans that have contracted Covid-19 because they want to push fear into the American people.

Psaki responded, “Well, I think first, we are in a very different place than we were 6 to 7 months ago as it relates to the virus.”

According to Biden, if we were in a different place than that place, it would be better. Covid-19 transmission has lowered, and masks are requested, not required.

Psaki continued, “As many medical experts have said inside, and outside of the government, those who are vaccinated are protected from serious illness, most are asymptomatic if they are individuals who are vaccinated who get the virus, uh, and uh, you know, we are in a different place in terms of the impact of individuals who may have, as you said, breakthrough cases.” The reporter asked, “Why can’t you just provide the number? Are you trying to hide something?” Psaki responded, “No, but what is? Why do you need to have that information?”

That is a clear sign that she’s trying to hide something. When Psaki said vaccinated individuals are protected from a grave illness, and most are asymptomatic, that sounds like the pandemic when a vaccine wasn’t available and would destroy their “It’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative they’re pushing.

The reporter responded, “In case of transparency, the interest of the public, that would be a better understanding of how breakthrough cases work here under the White House.” Psaki replied, “Well, first, there are CDC tracks, and let me give you this information, too. The CDC tracks across the country course hospitalizations and deaths as we have seen. They also do a great deal of tracking in cohorts, um, and uh, ensure, let me give you a little more information on this that I don’t know. Hopefully, it’s of interest.” If it doesn’t answer the question asked, it doesn’t seem attractive to tell reporter statistics from the public record. It would see she would look it up herself. “So, the way that, cause people have asked this before. So, the CDC’s actively tracking breakthrough cases, there are tens of thousands of cases across the country, of course, uh who are, where, what they call cohort studies which the CDC is tracking.”

A clear example of hiding the truth and a clear example of America’s justification for having distrust for the Biden administration. They’re pushing for the vaccine and lying to the American people about the efficiency of the vaccine. Buckle up, and it’s not going to get any better.