Putin Ally Issues Stark Warning Against The West

The world is in turmoil under the Biden administration, with Israel defending itself against Hamas, a terrorist organization, Russia invading Ukraine and China flirting with taking over Taiwan.

Such unfortunate global events have been caused by President Joe Biden’s perceived weakness on the global stage.

Biden’s inability to speak coherently and govern effectively has many wondering whether a nuclear war could potentially ensue.

Just recently, in a stark warning to the West, a notorious ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Patrushev, warned that the “destructive policies” of the U.S. and its allies were increasing the risk of a nuclear war.

Patrushev’s comments follow the U.S.’s involvement in the Kremlin’s ongoing war against Ukraine, to date, Biden has made his top priority securing hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers to fund Ukraine.

The U.S.’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war has officials in the Kremlin raising threats against America and further setting the stage for what could be the most serious confrontation between the U.S. and Moscow since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as reported by Newsmax.

As one would assume, the West and Russia hold different opinions toward the war in Ukraine. Russia has argued that its invasion of the European country is part of a broader struggle with the decline of Western nations, which it accuses of having created chaos around the world. In contrast, the West says the war in Ukraine is Russia’s attempt to grow its influence.

Patrushev said that a nuclear war could occur in the future, given that the U.S.’s influence and dominance in the world is waning.

“The natural consequence of the United States’ destructive policies is the deterioration in global security,” the Putin ally said. “The risk that nuclear, chemical and biological weapons will be used is increasing,” he said. “The international arms control regime has been undermined.”

Patrushev, 75, is a former KGB officer who has ties with Putin since the late 1970s when they worked together in the then-Soviet Union’s security service, according to Newsmax. Considering Patrushev’s rank in Russia’s government, it could be said that many Kremlin officials feel the same way about the U.S. and the threat of nuclear war as he does.