Putin Delivers A Very Dark Message By Launching A Hypersonic Missile

Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to use high-tech mass weapons. And Ukraine has no answer to their advanced military capabilities.

Putin recently ordered the use of a hypersonic missile — known as the “Kinzhal,” which translates to “dagger” — to blow up a storage facility in Ukraine that contained a large amount of munitions. These hypersonic missiles travel faster than the speed of sound and can change course while in flight, making them incredibly dangerous and nearly impossible to defend against.

According to a BBC News report, the Russian forces launched a hypersonic missile and completely destroyed an underground weapons storage depot in the village Deliatyn, which is located in western Ukraine. This is Russia’s first ever use of a hypersonic missile during this war, which was most likely launched through a MiG-31 fighter plane.

Last December, Putin was seen flaunting Russia’s hypersonic missile technology. Russia even shared a video of its missile attack on the munition depot.

According to Clint Ehrlich, Putin is sending a very serious warning by using these missiles. He suggests that Russia using their Kinzhal missile in the ongoing war is much like the use of the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) by Donald Trump in Afghanistan back in 2017. In both of these cases, the use of deadly weapons was not to prompt a battle effect, but the point was to warn other potential enemies by demonstrating their military capabilities. However, Putin’s choice is more extreme, as Kinzhal is an advanced, nuclear-capable, long range missile that can easily destroy the whole US Carrier Strike Group if used to deliver a nuclear strike.

Mark Wauck believes that the use of Kinzhal is a warning to other nations that are helping Ukraine at this crucial time. Countries like Romania and Poland must be reconsidering their position as America’s proxies. Specifically, they are likely considering the positioning of US missile launchers in their region and the shipping of weapons to Ukraine through their territory.

Russia’s use of their Kinzhal missile clearly shows that they are prepared to fight this war until their objectives are achieved, and have no plans on relenting. Vladimir Putin is a dangerous man, as he could order the use of nuclear weapons if he gets in a bad situation.