Putin Is ‘Dominating’ Biden For The Whole World To See

When Trump was in office as President of the United States, Russian President Vladimir Putin took him seriously. Trump let Putin know that if he dared to attack Ukraine, the United States would respond in kind by removing Moscow from existence. Putin didn’t strike Ukraine when Trump was leading America.

Although, with Biden in office as the current President, it’s an entirely different story. Putin’s disrespect and disregard of Biden couldn’t be more apparent.

Aides to the Russian president have laughed off Biden’s threats of sanctions, stating in colorful terms that Putin does not care. This past weekend, Putin blew off Biden’s request for a meeting in exchange for Ukraine being left alone.

During Wednesday night and the wee morning hours of Thursday morning, Ukraine came under a massive onslaught from the Russian government. So, not only has Putin laughed in Biden’s face and ignored him, but he’s now openly daring the United States to do something, as explained by RedState.

Not only did Putin attack Ukraine, but he also dared to call for Ukraine not to fight back against Russian armies. As the Russian President ignores Biden’s irate speech and weak-kneed sanctions, he’s also lobbying threats against America and the West in general.

Putin went on record, declaring that anyone who dares to come to the aid of Ukraine and assist them in any way will be faced with never-before-seen ramifications. It is very clearly the Russian President’s warning towards America, NATO, and others who are appalled by attacks on Ukraine.

Despite Putin openly mocking the United States and Biden’s sanctions, the 46th President’s only reaction has been to announce that Russia will incur even more sanctions.

Russia’s vested interest in taking control of Ukraine parallels China’s interest in getting ahold of Taiwan.

In light of the utter weakness and cowardice that Biden has shown before Putin, there’s a genuine possibility that Taiwan will soon find itself under siege from China. It’s something that many Americans are warning can and likely will happen.
If China decides to take a page out of Russia’s playbook, no one should hold their breath waiting for Biden to wake up and act accordingly.

At every turn, Biden has shown failed, feckless leadership regarding geopolitical affairs. He did it back in 2021 when he managed the Afghanistan pullout, and he’s done it again this year by failing to stand up to Russia.

One thing’s for sure: if Trump were still in the White House, Russia wouldn’t have dared to strike Ukraine.