Putin May Very Well Have Dirt On Biden

The Russian government’s war against Ukraine grows increasingly bleak and deadly. Already, there are increasing reports of Russian soldiers committing various war crimes in parts of Ukraine that they’ve managed to take over.

At the same time, this all plays out, Putin’s growing increasingly more unhinged and manic. The despotic Russian president has moved for his nuclear forces to be in a ready position; meanwhile, he’s claiming that various sanctions imposed against his government are acts of “war.”

As Putin gets more out of hand, Biden’s refusing to take the greatest action possible against Russia. Notwithstanding bipartisan calls for the forbidding of Russian oil imports, Biden is saying no deal.

It has now led to the point of more people questioning whether Biden could secretly be in the pocket of the Russian dictator, as PJ Media explains.

Biden’s intentional decision to make the United States reliant on Russian oil has been ongoing for quite some time. Last year, when Biden got into office, America purchased 24% more oil from the Russian government than we did in 2020, under Trump’s administration.

Biden’s son, Hunter, remains connected to the Russian government via different payouts from investment firms. A 2020 report even claims these monies could link human trafficking and other nefarious crimes.

The connection between the Biden family and various foreign funds leaves many unanswered questions. However, the possibility of the president potentially being under the thumb of the Russian government raises new levels of concern.

If Biden were serious about ending Russia’s onslaught against Ukraine, he wouldn’t be forcing American taxpayers to fund Putin’s war via oil.

The White House has been understandably questioned about why it won’t get on board with ending the imports of Russian oil. The response claims that doing so would force oil prices in the United States to be even higher than they are now.

It is an outright lie, and Biden knows it. The president could immediately begin putting lower oil prices in motion by reopening Keystone XL Pipeline. Biden could likewise permit oil drilling and lift the ban after getting into office.

Biden’s refusal to take these steps, hence his emboldening of Russia, needs to be thoroughly investigated as soon as possible. If it does turn out that Biden’s being controlled by Russia behind the scenes, this is grounds for him to be impeached and booted out of office.