Putin Says That The West Wants “A War” In Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently suggested that America was pushing for conflict in Ukraine as a pretext for imposing sanctions on his country. Now Putin is a former KGB agent, which means he is always armed and lies about everything. Every statement from the Kremlin is a carefully crafted piece of propaganda designed to further Moscow’s aims or seed discord in the west.

That said, Biden’s actions of recently sending troops to the region raise the situation’s temperature. Although the troops are not in Ukraine itself, it looks like the action is a clear message that Biden does not want Putin to get aggressive in the area. Or is Biden indeed hoping for conflict as Putin claims?

It is unlikely that it would be because of sanctions if he does. The United States can add more sanctions to Russia whenever it wants. It does not need a pretext to do so. It is more likely that Biden wants a conflict to provide political cover for one of the worst performances in the first year of a presidency ever.

Inflation is at historic highs, supply chain issues are making some stores look like Russia in the ’80s, and the pandemic that main street Joe promised he would solve is raging out of control. A war in a far-off land might seem appealing to an Administration looking for a lifeline (Perhaps they want to try and erase the withdrawal from Afghanistan debacle from the public memory by really nailing the inevitable withdrawal from Ukraine. I digress).

Whatever the case, an armed conflict in Ukraine would be disastrous for Europe as it is dependent on Russia for a large part of its energy needs. An interruption in the Europeans’ pipelines to heat their homes would be a catastrophe. Having substantial amounts of their people freezing to death in the winter is not a good look for NATO.

Whatever President Biden is trying to project strength in the region, it is unlikely that Putin views Biden as a credible deterrent given what has transpired in the last year. American deterrence is not what it once was, especially when Biden is always hiding in the basement.