Putin’s Latest Offer Further Showcases His Mental Instability

In real-time, the United States and the rest of the world are observing as Russian President Putin wages war against the nation of Ukraine. This war has been going out for just about two weeks now.

At the onset, the Russian despot explained minimal resistance from Ukraine. As it becomes more apparent to everyone that Putin severely overestimated the capability of his troops while underestimating the bravery of Ukrainians, he’s getting more unhinged.

The Russian president has demanded that his country’s nuclear forces be set in preparation mode. Meanwhile, he’s lashing out against sanctions as various businesses worldwide refuse to provide services or products to Russia.

As Putin seethes with rage and threatens nuclear war, his latest offer to Ukraine takes his psychological instability to an entirely new level, as pointed out by RedState.

In a nutshell, Russia’s authoritarian president has declared if Ukraine wants the war to end, the country must end military action against the Russian troops, alter the Ukrainian Constitution, hand over Crimea to Russia and categorize Luhansk and Donetsk as states of independence.

Such terms are beyond unreasonable. It should not surprise that Ukraine isn’t accepting this offer whatsoever.

If Russia and Ukraine were to reach any sort of agreement to end what’s been a brutal war, Russian troops would first need to leave Ukraine. Moreover, a ceasefire would be of the utmost importance.

Putin hasn’t offered a ceasefire or a withdrawal of his troops because he’s not truly serious about cutting a deal with Ukraine. Instead, the Russian despot wants to crush Ukraine and carry out other wars against various nations.

Should no-one hold their breath waiting for the Russian president to make a serious offer to Ukraine?

Because of the war, Putin has insisted on waging war in Europe and handfuls of businesses are ceasing operations in Russia with each passing day. Moreover, sanctions against Russia are piling up.

Putin believes that he can ride out this war, but he also didn’t expect this big fight from Ukraine. As Ukrainians fend off various attacks and even captured Russian soldiers, questions have come up about whether or not Ukraine could end up winning this war.

The war between Ukraine and Russia has already been compared to a modern-day David vs. Goliath on various social media platforms.