Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Erupts On Sideline After Chiefs Loss

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes erupted on the sideline after an offside penalty was called on his teammate during the Kansas City Chiefs NFL game against the Buffalo Bills, which ended with the second Chiefs loss in a row. Upset that Kadarius Toney’s touchdown was called back as a result of the penalty, Mahomes sought out at least three different officials in his obvious frustration.

Footage of the game shows an angry Mahomes arguing with officials, his teammates left to pull him back as his displeasure over the call grew.

The offside penalty came toward the end of the game as the Chiefs were making their way down the field to try to get a touchdown. Mahomes threw the ball to Kansas City’s tight end Travis Kelce. After catching the ball and running with it for only a few seconds, Kelce then lateraled the ball to receiver Toney. Toney ended up running into the end zone.

However, the touchdown was called back, as Toney was called offside at the beginning of the play. Offside penalties aren’t often called on offensive players. However, footage of the incident clearly shows that Toney’s foot is over the line of scrimmage.

This clearly frustrated Mahomes, who blew up on the referees and officials for the rest of the game. At the game’s end, Mahomes was even seen and heard complaining about the officiating to Josh Allen, the Bills quarterback.

The Bills ultimately ended up winning the game with a 20-17 victory.

After the game, Mahomes was asked by reporters about the penalty. “Loss for words, man,” Mahomes said. “To end another game and we’re talking about referees, it’s bad for the NFL.”

The quarterback referenced the fact that this was the second straight game that ended with questionable officiating — at least, according to Kansas City supporters. When the Chiefs played Green Bay last week, officials didn’t call a pass interference penalty on the Packers in the last few minutes of the game.

If that penalty was called, many believe that the Chiefs would’ve ended up winning the game. However, as it wasn’t, the Packers won. Now, the team has found themselves in a similar situation.

Kansas City head coach Andy Reid was also frustrated with the penalty on Toney. “It’s a bit embarrassing for the National Football League for that to take place,” Reid said after the game.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott was also asked about the play that could’ve lost Buffalo the game. “As the play unfolded,” McDermott said, “Kelce got wide open. The play after he caught the ball, I’ve never seen a play like that in the NFL. But I saw the referees signaling that direction. I didn’t know if it was a pick or what. It turned out to be offside.”