Questioning Legitimacy Of November Midterms Royally “Backfires” On Democrats

The legitimacy and security of US elections is yet another area where Democrats have proven to be outright shameless hypocrites.

For over one year now, anyone who has questioned any aspect of the 2020 presidential election has been criticized by the Democrat Party. According to leftists, raising doubts about electoral outcomes threatens democracy and incites violence.

Democrats have been very clear in making these claims. Yet, recently, they began casting uncertainties on the security of the November midterm elections.

You see, Democrats know they’re going to lose these races. Therefore, their strategy of undermining the forthcoming GOP wins is to question the legitimacy of the races altogether.

Joe Biden did this roughly one week ago, and Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer backed him up. According to TheBlaze, Hoyer is now trying to clean up his unfounded statements regarding the congressional midterm elections.

When questioned about Biden’s baseless assertions about this year’s midterm races, Hoyer expressly stated that Biden was correct. After declaring that Democrats’ election takeover bills are about “democracy,” the House Majority Leader said voters’ voices must be heard in elections.

It didn’t take long for this to backfire on Hoyer. Critics quickly moved to condemn the House Majority Leader for backing up statements the president made which have no relation to facts or truth.

Eventually, Hoyer released another statement, walking back his previous defense of Biden. Now, the House Majority Leader’s latest comments on the November midterms claim Hoyer doesn’t foresee the midterms as being “illegitimate.”

In the same statement, the House Majority Leader also peddled untrue, leftist claims about conservatives supposedly working to block voters from participating in the country’s elections.

Despite Hoyer’s attempts to walk back, saying the midterms won’t be legitimate, the damage is already done. The House Majority Leader perfectly encompassed the corruption and double standards rampant on the political left.

When Democrats win elections, no one is allowed to question it. Anyone who raises even the slightest objection is an insurrectionist and a danger to democracy. It is the attitude leftists have adopted regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Meanwhile, they have the opposite disposition for the midterms, races in which Republicans are highly expected to emerge victoriously. Suddenly, it’s okay to question elections and even declare them illegitimate unless Democrats can get their desired legislation into law.

Such appalling levels of hypocrisy are all the more reasons why leftists shouldn’t be in power for a second longer.